It is 100% safe. Safety aspect has been most  integral aspect in designing LITESAFE.

LiteSafe cylinders comply with all the globally recognized accreditations and standards like ISO 9001, ISO11119-3, EN 14427, EN 12245, PESO, TÜV Rheinland, LPGSASA & ESMA,etc. Approvals are an ongoing process and are being obtained from various countries as we prepare to launch it there.

LiteSafe has achieved remarkable acceptance among thousands of users across the globe due to ease and convenience of handling plus the safety guarantee.

LiteSafe composite LPG cylinders successfully pass fire test. It can be burned in a fire without any fear for explosion. After a few minutes of being put in fire impregnated resin in the fiber glass layer melts resulting in controlled burning of LPG close to the cylinder body. Fire doesn’t spread. Inner liner and outer casing also melt.

LiteSafe cylinders have translucent body. The HDPE casing and composite pressure vessel have enough translucency for the user to see the level of LPG inside the cylinder.  This helps timely refill ordering helping lessen residual wastage and yet not running out of gas at an inconvenient moment. Instances of pilferage have been reported from users while receiving new refills. Now users can verify full gas levels due to translucency.

LiteSafe composite LPG cylinders are non- corrosive. All materials used are rust-proof and have been selected carefully to ensure maximum resistance to concentrations of acids or solvents that may appear in the LPG .

LiteSafe composite LPG cylinders can be maintained easily and inexpensively. They can be cleaned manually or by power-washing.  There is no need for sand-blasting/re-painting/re-branding as in metal cylinders resulting in saving of millions of dollars for large LPG suppliers.

It is advisable to store the cylinders in vertically upright position in a shaded area for long term storage.

LiteSafe composite LPG cylinders are marked in accordance with the guidelines fixed by the approval authority. The  cylinders are marked with following information.

  • Serial number
  • Approval authority ID
  • Approval marking/ number
  • Country of origin
  • Manufacturer ID
  • Capacity
  • Corporate logo/monogram or other specified markings of the LPG supplier.

The cylinders are fitted with RFID/transponder chips for customer database supply and internal warehouse tracking ensuring FIFO.

The material used for LiteSafe cylinders has been chosen to withstand extreme weather conditions – from minus 40 degree C to plus 70 degree C. As LiteSafe is totally non-corrosive it can perform even in highly humid and marine conditions.

LiteSafe cylinders are manufactured with special grade material molded with UV resistant quality ensuring maximum UV stability.

The outer casing of LiteSafe composite LPG cylinders offers a variety of colour options as per the customer preferences.

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