Product Range

LiteSafe cylinders are superior alternatives to the traditionally used metal cylinders and used for domestic and commercial cooking, patio heating, caravans etc. These cylinders are extremely light weight, attractive in color and shape, rust and corrosion proof, UV resistant and most importantly are 100% explosion proof.

LiteSafe cylinders have the world’s largest range in different sizes with the option of customized color and logo branding.

Lite Safe Elite

LiteSafe Elite cylinder is a new next generation gas cylinder made out of PU (Polyurethane). Thanks to its compact and anti-roll format, it is the best alternative for BBQ and camping applications.


Elite is light, easy to wear and equipped with ergonomic handles. Anti-rust, stable and shock-proof; the elite can be stored everywhere if you lack space.

Sizes: 5kg | 6kg | 10kg

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