Product Feature

LiteSafe is a new generation of Composite Cylinders for filling LPG and has gained huge interest and appreciation across the globe due to its various striking features.

Explosion Proof

1 When it comes to LPG cylinders, safety is of paramount importance. LiteSafe Cylinders are tried & tested and every cylinder has proven to be 100% explosion proof and safe even when engulfed in fire.

Translucent Body

4Litesafe Cylinders come with a translucent body that enables you to accurately check the LPG level against light.

Light & Efficient

3LiteSafe Cylinders are user-friendly due to its structural design and lightweight. These Cylinders are almost half the weight of metal cylinders and come with specially designed handle rings that provide a firm grip.


8LiteSafe Cylinders do not corrode or rest unlike metal equivalents and therefore there are less chances of leaving stains and marks. Hence, they save requalification cost as there is no sandblasting, repainting and rebranding.

High Tech

9LiteSafe LPG cylinders come with an optional new age RFID technology for real time tracking of cylinders which saves manpower cost.

Aesthetically Appealing

6LiteSafe Cylinders can be customised as per your preferences and requirements. You can choose the colour, ensure branding, etc. The Cylinders also come in various sizes so you can pick the right one that fits your purpose.

UV Protected

5The outer & inner casing and the glass filament winded bottel is made by adding UV protective additives so as to withstand adverse weather conditions and prevent degradation

Made with Recyclable Materials

7LiteSafe Cylinders are 1005 eco-friendly as the composite glass fibre bottles can be crushed and added to the concrete used for building overhang bridges, constructions, etc..

Reduced Maintenance

2The high quality heavy-duty casing around the LiteSafe Cylinders is incredibly strong and durable thus making it low maintenance and cost-effective.

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